Wednesday, March 20, 2013


These days I am trying to organize our summer holidays, checking different options and places,figuring out which accommodation
 is more suitable for us ... renting a house or staying in hotels? During my deep and intense research for escape,
 I stumble on this luxurious resort hotel Amangiriclose to Arizona. Just a perfect spot to relax for a couple of days! 
Beautiful integration of the resort's architecture with the surrounding valley by using natural hues, materials and textures. 
I can see myself in one of those suites with a glass of wine and enjoying the landscape!


gudy herder said...

When browsing the pictures, I was wondering where this place could be coming up with different options:-) But never thought it could be in Arizona! How did they manage to get all the infrastructure there to build this resort? Looks like the perfect place to get lost some days! The first pic is stunning!

Lena said...

I can see the two of us in one of those suites with a glass of wine, enjoying the landscape! And our husbands in the suite next door, watching the children ;)

Linesformdesign said...

@gudy - you are right Gudy the perfect place to get lost!
@Lena - hahaha...I was laughing out when I pictured our husbands with the four monters!