Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Hmmm, how do you feel? All mixed up? Yes, just like me when I first discovered this house.

I was captured by this unique and unconventional house while I was reading ArchDaily.

My first impression was this can't be a house for children, in opposition with the "slide house" designed by LEVEL Architects 
which I have shared with you two weeks ago. But this residence/office which is designed by the Japanese studio Hiroyuki 
Shinozaki Architects , is the example of Japanese creativity when it comes to design houses in small spaces 
considering that house T is accessible by a narrow alley and is surrounded on all sides by other buildings. 
The use of volume and the work on lights are very inspiring.

Here is some information from the architect: 
"It is a residence and atelier for a couple in the center of Tokyo. Floor like bookshelf plates are placed at the different level in the shifted box. Furniture is put on each floor to create living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom. Each plate-like-floors are only hooked by columns which are three-dimensionally intersected at the middle of the box and this simple structure gives latitude for space composition. In massive volume of the box, each different activity of daily living is took place at each floor with open view. Lightings hung from top of the box till the each floors to illuminate them such as a floating stage. A small residence like big furniture showcases the living on the stage"
The architect initiated the conception of 26 houses from A to Z and this is the "house T".

If you want to understand better this space you can check here!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Photos Jaime Diaz-Berrio & source via ArchDaily
The New Old house by Jessica Liew, Melbourne, Australia,2012

The New Old - I like that name it reflects exactly the character of this house, a mixed between 
the modern and the charm of an old house.

I like the "rawness" of this house, the beauty of imperfection, by the used of natural materials including 
black concrete, recycle matt white painted tumble bricks and external rough stucco render.

This could be one of my dream house.
A relaxing atmosphere, with simple layout, and connected to the environment.
What do you think?

Monday, April 22, 2013


If you are planning to go to Antalya, you should stop by the Puding hotel's bistro.

No I haven't made a mistake Puding with one "d" and not with two"d" as for dessert, here 
the name actually derives from ancient road making method,- which uses a mix of 
different types of stone to create patterns.

This small bistro located within the Roman's wall of the old town has a contemporary 
style interior meeting countryside inspiration with the vichy table clothes. 
The food is excellent and he has great dessert! 

Believe me we have tried the chocolate soufflé, the brownie, the tiramisu and the 
turkish dessert Künefe in the same time! 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Visualize your children living in a house like this. Everyday would be exciting and festive, don't you think?

This three-storey house is designed by LEVEL Architects and it is located in Tokyo.

Each floors are connected with a staircase in one side of the rectangular house and a slide on the curved corner side,
 running along the entire inner perimeter of the building.

According to the outer in the house, the occupants go up from the first floor to the third floor by stairs and they go down by slide.

If it was my house my daughter's biggest joy would be to climb up the slide instead of down!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


A series of installations created with wire flux and cable fixings. DIY guide coming directly from the artist 
herself Maisie Broadhead.

What you will need:

A lamp or light fitting
An electrical plug
Electrical cable (meters plus the additional cable from the plug and to the lamp)
Cable clips
A hammer, screwdriver and pliers


1. Blu-tack the template to the wall, making sure the outline is where you want the cable 
drawing to be positioned.

2. Without attaching to the plug, run out the cable from next to your plug socket to the 
start point of the outline shape (next to the red dot).

3. Fix the cable to the first point of the outline using a cable clip tapped  into the red dot.
Position the rest of the cable following the outline and fix with a cable clip at each dot.

4. Cut off any surplus cable and carefully wire the lamp and the plug to either end.

5. Tear the template off the wall.


Sorry for being silent for more than a week!

My daughter of 5 years old had one week off for spring holiday so we decided at the 
last moment to go out of Ankara and to explore Turkey. Of course we agreed to go as 
south as possible to be sure to get a maximum of sun and we finally arrived in Antalya
 after six hours of drive. Today after having a bit of sleep, eating delicious food,
 visiting different remains of Greco-Roman cities, discovering Antalya's aquarium
and not to forget paying tribute to St. Nicolas by visiting his church in Myra,
I feel relaxed and ready for this week to come!