Monday, April 22, 2013


If you are planning to go to Antalya, you should stop by the Puding hotel's bistro.

No I haven't made a mistake Puding with one "d" and not with two"d" as for dessert, here 
the name actually derives from ancient road making method,- which uses a mix of 
different types of stone to create patterns.

This small bistro located within the Roman's wall of the old town has a contemporary 
style interior meeting countryside inspiration with the vichy table clothes. 
The food is excellent and he has great dessert! 

Believe me we have tried the chocolate soufflé, the brownie, the tiramisu and the 
turkish dessert Künefe in the same time! 


Lena said...

...taking notes for the trip I'll be taking to visit you some day, I hope. No, I'm sure!

Linesformdesign said...

Yes I am waiting for you! I am going to Istanbul in 1 week...what do you think?