Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Sorry for being silent for more than a week!

My daughter of 5 years old had one week off for spring holiday so we decided at the 
last moment to go out of Ankara and to explore Turkey. Of course we agreed to go as 
south as possible to be sure to get a maximum of sun and we finally arrived in Antalya
 after six hours of drive. Today after having a bit of sleep, eating delicious food,
 visiting different remains of Greco-Roman cities, discovering Antalya's aquarium
and not to forget paying tribute to St. Nicolas by visiting his church in Myra,
I feel relaxed and ready for this week to come!


Lena said...

I love the collage! Did you take all the pictures? Good to have you back and happy to hear you had a good time. Can't wait to go on holidays, too...

Linesformdesign said...

Yes I took all the pictures...it's great to find back some inspirations!

Kristin said...

I love the collage too! Do you make them in Photoshop, or do you have another fancy program to do this? :-) I haven't checked in for a while. I love your posts. Keep it coming ;)

Linesformdesign said...

Thank you Kristin for your lovely comment! I used Illustrator to do the collage and Photoshop to edit the pictures but I also work with In Design which is a very easy software to be use to create layout...check them! Have a sunny day in Danemark :-)