Tuesday, April 16, 2013


A series of installations created with wire flux and cable fixings. DIY guide coming directly from the artist 
herself Maisie Broadhead.

What you will need:

A lamp or light fitting
An electrical plug
Electrical cable (meters plus the additional cable from the plug and to the lamp)
Cable clips
A hammer, screwdriver and pliers


1. Blu-tack the template to the wall, making sure the outline is where you want the cable 
drawing to be positioned.

2. Without attaching to the plug, run out the cable from next to your plug socket to the 
start point of the outline shape (next to the red dot).

3. Fix the cable to the first point of the outline using a cable clip tapped  into the red dot.
Position the rest of the cable following the outline and fix with a cable clip at each dot.

4. Cut off any surplus cable and carefully wire the lamp and the plug to either end.

5. Tear the template off the wall.

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