Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Hmmm, how do you feel? All mixed up? Yes, just like me when I first discovered this house.

I was captured by this unique and unconventional house while I was reading ArchDaily.

My first impression was this can't be a house for children, in opposition with the "slide house" designed by LEVEL Architects 
which I have shared with you two weeks ago. But this residence/office which is designed by the Japanese studio Hiroyuki 
Shinozaki Architects , is the example of Japanese creativity when it comes to design houses in small spaces 
considering that house T is accessible by a narrow alley and is surrounded on all sides by other buildings. 
The use of volume and the work on lights are very inspiring.

Here is some information from the architect: 
"It is a residence and atelier for a couple in the center of Tokyo. Floor like bookshelf plates are placed at the different level in the shifted box. Furniture is put on each floor to create living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom. Each plate-like-floors are only hooked by columns which are three-dimensionally intersected at the middle of the box and this simple structure gives latitude for space composition. In massive volume of the box, each different activity of daily living is took place at each floor with open view. Lightings hung from top of the box till the each floors to illuminate them such as a floating stage. A small residence like big furniture showcases the living on the stage"
The architect initiated the conception of 26 houses from A to Z and this is the "house T".

If you want to understand better this space you can check here!

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