Friday, March 8, 2013


1. Zenith table from Andrée Putmann  2. Vivienne Westwood 3. Kelly Wearstler 3. Adeline Darmagnac for Jem  

Today is a special day...Today is our day...Let's celebrate women's creativity !


Gudy Herder said...

Lately I am seeing lots of white and gold combined again, but I like the twist of making it a whole statement combined with black.

Hope you are having a lot of fun with Blog Boss!

Linesformdesign said...

Thank you Gudy for stopping by!

Lena said...

Happy (late) womens' day to you! lovely idea and collage and great picks! on womens' day I thought of montenegro a lot - the chaos on the streets because everyone just stopped and left their car to buy roses for the ladies from street vendors.

Linesformdesign said...

Thank you Lena for refreshing me the memory...Fellinien chaos! Happy (late) women's day to you too!